American Light Lagers

​Coors Light

​Miller Lite


​Boston Lager

Wine Selection

All Wine offerings are (1) token. 

We have partnered with Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery out of Swisher, Iowa to provide a variety of local wines to enjoy. The selection rotates weekly; however we will always offer a selection that covers the spectrum of palettes to enjoy!

Wheats / Summer Beers

​Blue Moon

​Summer Shandy

​Henry's Hard Soda

Food & Beverage Tokens

At Uptown Friday Nights we use a Token system, the following prices are for tokens that can be used all season long to purchase food and beverage options. We honor tokens purchased in previous seasons as well.

Food & Beverage tokens are $5 each

Malt Beverages

​Mike's Hard Lemonade

Beer Selection

All beer options are (1) token. We offer the following options:

Non-Alcholic Beverage Options

All non-alcoholic beverages are (1) token. We offer the following options:
     Pepsi                          Mt. Dew                      Sierra Mist
Diet Pepsi                 Diet Mt. Dew                      Water

Ciders / Apple Ales

Angry Orchard​

​​Paul Revere's Pizza

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Extra Cheese
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Deluxe

Breadsticks with Dipping Sauce

​Soft Pretzels with Cheese

Food Options

All of the food options are (1) token. We offer the following options:

Hot Dogs


Ham & Turkey Subs