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Seriously, LARGE midgets? The name comes from a joke on the Bob & Tom show. At a practice, our guitarist, retold a joke he heard that morning on Bob & Tom about the worst circus ever – Bob’s Circus in a Mall parking lot – starring HUGE midgets – he just told the story a little wrong, and we had ourselves a name. As musicians, like a good hunter, or a drunk person at the end of the night, we’ll take a shot at anything. Our range goes from Neil Diamond to the Violent Femmes, or from to Michael Jackson to Matchbox 20. If it is fun, and people will sing, dance and enjoy, we are all in for given it a shot. It’s sort of like going over to friend’s house to watch some of your other friends play music. We are just four good friends playing with ourselves on stage and you get to watch. Wait, that sounds sort of wrong. We enjoy having fun with each other, wait that sounds even worse. How about this, our energy comes from the crowd – they are energized by the vibe and good feeling that comes from the stage – a feeling of friendship and unexpected fun, like a backyard barbeque at your crazy Uncle Fred’s house – you never know what to expect, but odds are you will be telling stories about it and asking yourself questions like, did I really do that? What happened to my money?  Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?  Why do I have no voice left? Why is there a cheese ball in my pocket? Who was that masked man? How late does Perkins stay open? You know, the usual stuff after a long and fun night. And after close to three years of retirement, we are ready to have another barbeque or two!

5:30 - 7:00 PM Guest Bartenders

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7:00 - 8:30 PM Guest Bartenders

Burst Cycle

Large Midgets

June 29, 2018

Nadias Salon & Spa

Bring your entire company and help out a great cause and have a great time.

4 group slots available per night/event. Please provide a minimum of 10 bartenders.

  • Sponsor 1 individual group slot ​= ​$350 
  • Sponsor 2 group slots on same event = $600 (discounted $100)
  • Sponsor all 4 group slots on same event = $1000 (discounted $400)

As a thank you, we will insert your business logo on this page above until next year.  (Please provide logo image).

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