Bring your entire company and help out a great cause and have a great time.

4 group slots available per night/event. Please provide a minimum of 10 bartenders.

  • Sponsor 1 individual group slot ​= ​$450 
    Sponsor 2 group slots on same event = $800 (discounted $100)
    Sponsor all 4 group slots on same event = $1400 (discounted $400)

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If you would like to purchase a Local Guest Bartender slot please email our Uptown Friday Night Directors Megan O'Connell or Beth Cavalier by clicking here.


Frey Pet Hospital

About Guest Bartending:

The Mixtape

Your Local Guest Bartenders of the Night...

Wine Styles

7:00 - 8:30 PM Guest Bartenders

5:30 - 7:00 PM Guest Bartenders

Massage Heights 

The Mixtape is the brainchild of CR’s well-known guitar guy Les Ohlhauser. Bringing together other local musicians that Les had said, “Hey, they don’t suck”, Les added his long time friend and bass slapper (He slaps other things too), Johnny Lentz, Keyboardist and tech god Mark Allen, Vocal goddess/vixen and all around honey with the money, Liz Stuelke and local promoter/guy who likes to hit stuff, Jason Feight. Together with the technical wizardry of Mark’s dazzling light show, along with about 99.9% of anything else that requires either a rocket scientist or a Mark to put together, The Mixtape brings you a show like no other.

The Mixtape’s mission is simple. To get anyone and everyone in their crowd regardless of age, race or background, to party and dance as if it was the (insert year you graduated/or favorite party movie)!

May 31, 2019

ImOn Communications